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James Knox

Chief Executive Officer

As a third‐generation Willamette Valley‐based commercial nurseryman and horticulturist, with vast plant‐science and commercial agriculture knowledge, Mr. Knox’s experience extends from flowers (azaleas, rhododendrons, cannabis, hemp) to food crops (blueberries, rhubarb, hazelnuts, hops, tomatoes, beans). KLR Farms is the name under which Knox is known and has operated his farms. Additionally, he is well versed in associated sciences, including genetic testing and nutrient applications involving industrial waste management (manure lagoon treatments, mortality composting, crop residue composting, soil biology, and fertilizer management systems).

Knox has personally designed, built, managed, and/or consulted on hundreds of commercial cannabis grow operations throughout the United States in a variety of conditions. His clientele has consistently experienced 3 to 8 times increase in yield over prior years as a result of implementing his systems and methodologies.

Being more than simply a farmer, during the past 10 years Knox founded and has operated two successful agriculture industry related businesses: Samurai Grower Supply and Savant Plant Technologies. These retail and wholesale operations have succeeded over the competition in the very challenging, low‐margin, hydroponics and farm supply marketplace. They do so by applying standardized best business practices, adapting contemporary technologies via a strong social media platform, and staying abreast of farming market trends.

Knox has earned a strong reputation by consistently providing high quality products produced via his exclusive superior plant genetics grown utilizing strains developed through years of testing and research. Those practices have created a loyal customer following and exclusive rights to in‐demand products and brands. He is widely regarded as a cannabis/hemp farming expert known for producing above average crop yields, with high THC bearing products that easily exceed testing requirements by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s Metricstandards for both medical and recreational plant products.


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